All the talent of Provence

The renovation of Château de Mille has been conducted by an extraordinary collection of talents. The architect Alexandre Lafourcade, specialising in historical restoration and designing state-of-the-art wineries, gathered the best craftsmen of the area: from stonemasons to ironmongers through joiners, masons, plumbers and electricians.

The gardens and architectural aspects that make Mille so unique were restored by local artisans. The landscapist Cécile Mangeot restored and re-planted the beautiful gardens and fountains; Gilles Tournillon, a renowned museum expert, renovated the magnificent 18th century altar in the chapel; we asked Les Olivades, the century-old family textile manufacturing firm, to create a decor suitable to the château’s Provençal history. 

In the vineyard and the winery, Clément Prélat, from the Cabinet d’agronomie provençale, implements our vision for sustainable, organic farming and vinification. He is assisted by José Alves Pinto, whose 20-year experience on the estate is invaluable. Together we are bringing Chateau de Mille into the 21st century and making the best wines for our customers.  The sleeping beauty awakes!