Ours values

At Mille, everything is done according to the rules, from earth to glass

At Mille, we pay the greatest attention to every step of the winemaking process, from the soil to the glass. The quality of the wine starts with healthy soils and vines. We are pursuing a rigorous and systematic programme.


We started the conversion to organic culture from early 2019; we only use natural fertilisers, including humus from the bordering woods (litière forestière fermentée).
Agro-forestry is in fashion but it has been in practice here for centuries, as woods border each vine parce, bringing coolness and a healthy energetic exchange.
We had to pull out some non-productive old vines. These fields are left to rest for several years. We aerate the soils with a range of tractor tools, we plant cover crops to grow organic mass and enrich the soil. We use horses for delicate work on our best vines.


We actively promote biodiversity in order to recreate cosmo-telluric energies on the estate: redevelopment of truffle oak orchard ? from native trees, plantation of complementary fruit trees, sylvotherapy, installation of beehives, protection plan for birds, bats and butterflies. All these species have been prospering since the programme launch.
We are preparing our transition to biodynamic culture (vineyard and winery equipment, lunar calendar, pulverisations), which will be effective by 2025.

Le Château de Mille aborde le 21ème siècle en privilégiant l’innovation et la qualité,
dans le respect absolu de la nature et des traditions ancestrales de la Provence.