A Provençal story

The Mille family has been brought together by its fabulous renaissance project. 

We are bound by our love of wine, nature and history.

Constance and Lawrence Slaughter, directly involved in the day-to-day management of the estate, have been supported by an exceptional team. José Alves Pinto has worked on the Mille vines for 22 years. His experience is invaluable. Clément Prélat, from the Cabinet d’agronomie provençale, has overseen three fabulous vintages, as well as the new winery construction and engineering. Géraldine, head of sales, is helped by Clément Gervais and Marion Montoya for retail sales and oenotourism.

The restoration of the château has mobilised an extraordinary collection of talents. The architect Alexandre Lafourcade, a specialist of such complex projects, hired the best artisans of Apt and the region. With an absolute respect for the site’s history, they created a remarkable harmony throughout the buildings of various eras.

The gardens and all the details that make Mille’s exceptional beauty have been achieved by local artisans, such as:
– the landscape designer Cécile Mangeot, who recreated graceful historical gardens
– Gilles Tournillon, who restored the chapel baroque altar
– the designer Dominique Jean-Lavabre used several excellent artisans to decorate the chateau and our rental accommodations, including Les Olivades, the renowned Provençalfamily fabric manufacturer.

We have also been helped by several historians, archivists and archeologists to get a better understanding of Mille’s history. It has been hugely exciting to hear these impressive experts’ interpretations.