The AOP Luberon is ideally located between Provence and the Rhône Valley, producing wines that combine freshness and character

Château de Mille is located between Bonnieux and Apt, in the heart of Provence and the Luberon Natural Park, a UNESCO-labelled biosphere. The beauty, charm and cultural uniqueness of the Luberon was wonderfully captured in Peter Mayle’s well-known novel, A Year in Provence, which was set nearby.

The entire estate of Château de Mille is approximately 120 hectares, of which 25 are dedicated to vines (up to 45 hectares eventually), with the surrounding wild oak forests providing a harmonious counter-balance to the vineyards.  The estate starts on the northern flank of the Grand Luberon at almost 400 meters of altitude before descending to the ancient Calavon river, which sets its northern boundaries.

The terroir is exceptional.  Formed largely in the Cretaceous period, the soil enjoys an excellent mix of calcium from sea shells, sand, iron and loose granite rocks, which gives the wine its minerality and complexity.  With optimal sun exposure throughout the year, Château de Mille benefits from both the influence of the Rhône Valley and that of the high plateau of Provence. In the critical growing season of summer, hot days alternate with chilly nights. At an altitude of 300 to 400 meters, the thermal amplitude is very large – often 20 degrees Celsius of change in a single day!  This variation produces a wine full of freshness and character. The Mistral wind, moderated by the Mont Ventoux to the north, has a healthy, dry influence. The special microclimate of the Luberon responds extremely well to organic viticulture.

  The AOP Luberon red
is round and fruit-forward (black currant, blackberries, raspberries). The more complex reds offer notes of pepper, combining with the typical elegance and roundness of the Luberon AOP.

  The AOP Luberon rosé,
with a colour ranging from very pale pink to bright pink, has distinct red fruit aromas such as strawberry, raspberry gooseberry with hints of citrus and floral and great freshness.

  The AOP Luberon white
has vivacity and elegance, with aromas ranging from grapefruit to peach, and honey and toast for more complex wines matured in wooden barrels.

The best wines of the Luberon combine the depth and complexity of Côtes du Rhône with the freshness and elegance of Côtes de Provence. The incredible terroir, its natural beauty and deep affinity for organic viticulture is attracting some of the most ambitious wine growers in France and the US – keen to make great wines, which respect and benefit nature.