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Twice a month, the team gathers to taste the wines from different parcels. We have found a surprising and pleasing balance between alcohol, acidity and

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Several parcels have been planted: syrah in the Calavon sector, then vermentino and cinsault on the higher grounds, where white grapes used to produce particularly

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Semis de couverture

This is part of our strategy to restructure and expand the vineyard in the most progressive and ecological way. We have been planting cover crops

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Défonçage de la parcelle berthet

Préparation des terres

Plusieurs parcelles peu ou non productives ont été arrachées et défoncées, afin de laisser la terre en repos pour les deux ans à venir. Les

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2019 harvest

The 2019 vintage is promising. We harvested very healthy, beautiful grapes after a dry summer and rain showers in September. In our vats the sugar

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